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Title: Positive Parenting Tips

Category: Positive Parenting


1.  Be a good model.  Your kids will mirror your example.

2.  Express open love daily to your kids and spouse.  Say, "I love you " often.

3.  Practice strict, loving and consistent discipline ("time outs", etc.).

4.  Total commitment to parenting, "Family that prays together and plays together, stays together"; e.g., you must commit time to your kids.

5.  Share regular meals together (Listen to and share with your kids).

6.  Control TV. (Average 12 year old has seen greater than 4,000 murders on TV and spent as many hours as in school "glued" to the tube).

7.  Convey positive realistic expectations to your kids (they'll fulfill them).

8.  Teach/model a value system where major priorities include:  honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment, reverence, humility, creativity, self-reliance, self-respect, gentleness, a positive mental attitude, happiness and love.

9.  Give your kids the greatest gift possible, a "healthy self  image", with regular loving praise.  Strive for a 10:1 Praise:Criticism ratio.

10. Parents are their children's first and most important teachers.  Foster  reading.  Read to and with them.  Constantly teach--especially at opportune times (for example: while traveling).

11. Encourage extra curricular involvements with your kids (share your hobbies and interests.)  This helps round them out for success in later life.

12. Encourage your child to be independent, creative and self-reliant.  Give your child "roots and wings".

13.  Encourage goal setting and hard work.  Give them a chore or responsibility and reward their initiative and persistence. Try hard not to spoil them with material things.

14.  Encourage your kids "unique talents" with opportunities, patience and praise, not undue pressure.

15.  Teach your kids how to fail gracefully and that failures are stepping stones to success.  (Example: Thomas Edison's 1,000 tries for a light bulb filament.)

16.  Teach them social skills and be interested in their friends.  Make your home and yard a welcome place.

17.  Teach them your spiritual values and model them.  Proverbs 22:8  "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

18.  Strive for a positive, happy start to your children's day with a good breakfast and encouraging hugs and kisses as they go to school.

19.  Strive for a calm, loving sharing fifteen minutes with your kids just before sleep.  They'll repeat those 15 minutes ten times in their dreams.  Kiss them and whisper something  special in their ears after they're asleep and watch them   smile.

20. Allow your kids to be children while they're young (not type "A" toddlers).

21. Teach your child to accept and love himself just as God  made him, and to find his own dream/mission in life.

22. Teach your kids to enjoy living daily and not get overly caught up  with always striving and never "smelling the roses".

23. Teach your kids the secret to being successful in anything:  Going the extra mile, doing a little bit more than is required.

24. Teach your kids the secret to peace and happiness:  to lose themselves in loving and serving others.  ( First and Second Commandments)




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