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Title: Sex Education


What is the best form of sex education? I think it is when two happily married parents display healthy sexuality in their home.  Their kids grow up seeing what two people in committed true mature love is all about. I also think it is critical that parents teach their children about sex, the facts and the myths, starting at a very young age. Exactly what age depends on the child's
intelligence, curiosity and even serendipitous timing. By that I mean a certain show on TV or something another child may tell them would spark a good time to discuss sex with your child. If such a time never occurs then I think it is a parent's obligation to find a special time to discuss sexuality with each of their children. 

Ideally, a man should talk to his sons about puberty before they go through it and a woman should talk to her daughters about pubertal changes before they go through it. For a single parent a substitute may be needed such as an aunt or uncle or close friend.

In discussing sexuality with our children it is better to have a 2 way discussion rather than a one way lecture from us. Take advantage of each opportunity that comes about in which they are asking questions. At times like this they will be more receptive to actually learning the messages we need to teach them. 

Perhaps the most important message we teach is not the biologic facts of sex but the spiritual nature of sex. In other words, we can teach our children that abstinence is wise and is taught in the Bible. We can teach them that sexuality is a beautiful gift given
to all people by God but it can turn into a dangerous thing when misused. 

As our children's most important life long teachers we certainly should pray for God's grace and guidance in teaching our children sex education. With God's help, wisdom from the Bible, and our common sense as a guide we can all do a better job of teaching these vital lessons to our young children.