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Title: Thoughts on Mother's Day


As I reflect on Mother's Day again this year, I thank God for my wonderful mother, Kathleen. While I was growing up she was always at home and made me feel very secure. She always put her family first and herself last. Isn't that typical of most mothers? They sacrifice their own time and goals for their precious family. 

Besides the wonderful stability and warmth my mother gave our home and me and security she gave me I remember many significant talks with her as I passed turning points in my life. The first important one I recall was the day before I started first grade.  She personally brought me to see my classroom and meet my new
teacher. She even showed me the desk I'd be sitting in and reminded me that my friend around the corner, Ricky Thistlethwaite would be in the desk just next to me. All this time and attention and reassurance made starting school very secure and exciting. 

Another inspirational talk I remember well is when I finished elementary school and was about to start junior high. We attended an award ceremony with the junior high graduates. I noticed one boy seemed to win all the awards. He was Ricky's cousin, Will Thistlethwaite. His example became a goalpost for me to try to follow both academically and characterwise. Mom reminded me that to be like Will, you had to work a little harder, read a little more, and believe in yourself. Mom's talk and Will's fine example helped me to be the best that I could be during those junior high years and prepared me for a long road ahead with many academic challenges needed to reach my goals. The next memorable turning
point was starting high school. Mom brought me to AIC to meet brother Ignatious, a fine old Christian brother who told me about many special things I would learn there. I was attracted by his unusual personality and obvious dedication to teaching and switched from public school to Catholic school that year. Those four years
provided me a wonderful education and perhaps most importantly a solid Catholic faith to build my life on. 

One more very significant, inspirational talk I recall with Mom was when I started college at Northwestern in Natchitoches. I returned home full of excitement and enthusiasm for all the new friends I was making and the wonderful feeling of independence. She helped me to keep everything in perspective and pray for discernment in finding just the right girl for my lifetime love and the strength to save myself for her. I thank God that my mother cared enough to teach me this important lesson and God gave me the strength and sent me the right girl. Like my mother, my wife Patty has blessed our family with unconditional sacrificial love for the past 22
years and our children and I are the beneficiaries. 

Where would I be without my mom having been there to point me in the right direction as I went through life? Where would we all be without our "Heaven sent" mothers who love us, even with "all our warts" and always encourage us to be what God wants us to be. Like my mother they teach us, not only by their words but by their tremendous living example. Take this week to reflect on the significance of Mother's Day, and all the treasured memories of your mother. Show her in a special way how much she is appreciated and just how much you really love her.