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Title: How To Teach Empathy To Our Children


How can we teach empathy to our children? Probably the best way to do that is to expose our children to those less fortunate and to let their natural instincts take over. I remember once when I was moaning around the house because I did not get invited to a football game. My father brought me on rounds with him to see a little girl who was burned beyond recognition. The episode is
still with me today. Dad did not have to say a word. By just bringing me along I learned an unforgettable lesson in empathy. I realized I should truly count my blessings and realize just how precious good health is. You might bring your children to a Children's Hospital, a nursing home, or a homeless shelter. Any place our kids can see people in need will help them realize they are truly blessed. Empathy, loving and feeling for others is a
wonderful character trait. Kids will follow their parents example in most attitudes including empathy.