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Title: The Importance of Allergy Control For Allergy Patients

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Much of the American Academy of Allergy conference in New York was devoted to the nuts and bolts of all allergy treatments. This is controlling the root cause of allergy which is exposure to specific proteins on allergens. Another way of saying this is to work on
environmental control. The major environmental allergens important to allergy patients are still dust mites, pet hair, cockroaches, molds, and cigarette smoke. There are many effective ways of decreasing exposure to these problem proteins in our homes and schools if we just make the effort. If we don't, we will probably
continue to see very large numbers of "new" adult allergy sufferers in the future. In creasing indoor quantities of these allergens are thought to be the number #1 reason we are having an increase in
asthma over the past twenty years world-wide. The way we build our houses and buildings air-tight seems to seal in these unwelcome proteins. There is usually no good air exchange method to allow clearing out of these nuisance allergens. Hopefully, in the future, we will come to find more effective ways of getting those
problem chemicals out of our buildings and homes.